Since time immemorial, those who communicated the message of their people stand out as the messenger of their time. Whether politics, religion, business or art, their words carried a message of thought to their generation offering understanding of a different time and place.

Millions of words have been written about those special communications which made the messengers bigger than life, giants of history. Their words and ideas have shaped how and where they stood among the leaders of their time. Some were prominent in politics from Alexander the Great to Sir Winston Churchill or Abraham Lincoln to Margaret Thatcher and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Others were religious icons like Jesus Christ and Mahatma Gandhi. In the arts and business, we had talents like Shakespeare or Orson Welles or Dale Carnegie. 

As different as each was from the other, their lives shared a commonality. They left a legacy of effective and awe-inspiring life lasting communication. Their words and the way they expressed them took you to a special place, emblazoning their message in our hearts and minds.

Nothing is more basic to the understanding and progress of the science of communication than the working knowledge of communication itself. Understanding words and the benefactor of those words is the one existing example that distinguishes them from the rest of their ilk. How their words connected with the masses is fundamental. The profound knowledge of the wider world of communication caused those leaders to become not only highly noticeable, but forever remembered over centuries.

So here we are in the second decade of the 21stcentury standing on the shoulders of those from an earlier generation whose words have consumed my lifefor over 50 years in my study of communication. And their creative brilliance shaped my life.


Larry Morrow