“Within seconds, Larry has the skill to pinpoint developmental opportunities for any speaker. I am always amazed at his ability to transform these opportunities into tangible results. His enthusiasm for teaching, positivity and growth-oriented approach is unmatched.”

Scott Allen, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Management, John Carroll University, Boler College Of Business

"Larry Morrow's keen ability to teach and guide leaders in both their personal and professional development has been a tremendous resource to our hospital organizations. His experience, talent and passion for grooming leaders is evident by the people he has impacted and the results that have been achieved. Larry clearly understands that an organization's culture and success is defined by its leaders."

Jeffrey Leimgruber FACHE – President 
Fairview and Hillcrest Hospitals (Ret.)
Cleveland Clinic Health System

"And men of all nations, from the kings of the earth who had heard of his wisdom, came to hear the Wisdom of Solomon. (Kings 4:34) This passage reminds me of Larry Morrow as a teacher. His wisdom, integrity and indefatigable spirit are shared with his students-regardless of their role, education or background. He is an educator for all seasons."

Janice Murphy – President
Fairview Hospital
Cleveland Clinic

"Larry Morrow is a consummate mentor when it comes to strategic communication. Larry’s life experience in public broadcasting and his passion comes through when he coaches the critical elements of public a speaking. I was able to incorporate his practical ideas into presentations improving my effectiveness."

Dale Winsberg – Regional Vice President
Orthopedics & Surgical Services
Cleveland Clinic

"I wish to thank you for the generous use of your time when you came to our office and spoke with our staff regarding Linking Strategic Communication to Leadership. Everyone who attended the session was very motivated upon hearing your story. They immediately began to think of new ways to communicate the Garrick Story to our vendors and customers."

Gary P. Trenetti – President and CEO

"Working with Larry I came to understand a very important lesson that Larry emphasizes – Outside of me, inside of them. Since working with Larry and keeping his wisdom in mind I’ve made great improvements in how people both in large and small groups respond to my message."

Sherry Aronson – Chief Operating Officer
Hillcrest Hospital

"Thank you for your interesting and inspiring presentation, Leaving a Legacy. I continue to receive positive comments from those who attended such as, “That was the best seminar the Foundation has ever had."

Barbara R. Boyce – Director of Development
Fairview Hospital
Laurel Lake

"Larry Morrow attached to anything raises the bar. Whenever Larry endorses a product you can believe it's probably the best in its industry. His degree of credibility gives maximum exposure to any product. People in greater Cleveland not only listen to Larry, but believe him."

K. Michael Benz – CEO
United Way of Greater Cleveland

"Larry was instrumental in launching Merlin's products. His reputation and believability drew attention to our brand which, in turn, brought instant awareness and success. We retained Larry Morrow because of his character, integrity and mass appeal. Everyone knows and recognizes Larry's voice."

Jerry Murphy – Chairman
JTM Enterprises
Former CEO of Murphy’s Oil Soap

"The role that Larry Morrow plays, appearing as Moses Cleveland, marks one of the notable celebrations in Cleveland's history. Larry is Cleveland's Crowned Prince Civic Booster who stands ready at the drop of an invitation to appear at any function and recite a litany of the virtues on the city he loves. Larry is Mr. Cleveland."

George Voinovich, United States Senator, former Governor State of Ohio and Mayor of Cleveland

"Larry's long-standing relationship with Cleveland's most powerful and influential business associates will serve as a catalyst to effectively utilize the right people in acquiring maximum exposure."

Brian Tucker, Publisher/Editorial Director of Crain’s Cleveland Business

"As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow you can depend on Larry Morrow's credibility. When Pericles (379BC) was asked, who was the greatest orator of his time he said, it isn't me. When he spoke there was no applause, they all got up and followed him. That's Larry Morrow."

Sam Miller – Co-Chairman
Forest City Enterprises