6. People Are Persuaded by a Noticeable Change of Heart


Dave Browne, CEO Lenscrafters, was one of those unique individuals who glowed with success and confidence. He was brilliant when it came to financial analysis, retail operations and marketplace leverage. Like an MBA on steroids, he brought the discipline of steel-trap analysis to a hard-working gang of passionate mavericks. He was competitive and wanted to win. Dave was the kind of executive Wall Street loves. However, Dave was a self-proclaimed “numbers-only butthead.” Those around him appreciated his genius and respected him, but it was clear he was not the CEO and the boss; he was not their leader. He was unable to inspire his people to the next level because he was only dealing in facts. Dave was quoted as saying, “I was trapped in a factual channel mantra of better, faster, cheaper.”


LensCrafters needed to look inward to improve productivity and efficiency. “I only talked about the head, never the heart.” Sales increased but passion and alignment began to fade. He began to feel the loss of company spirit. Dave realized he needed to change. “I needed to transform LensCrafters by transforming me.” He created the Gift of Sight program which was the key to bringing more heart into the company.

Connecting at the Heart Level

Dave spoke to his employees and told a personal story. He let people know the principles his immigrant father, who was in the audience, inspired. “My dad made sacrifices for me. I was thinking about my faith and family and I realized that I did not have to be the stereotypical Wall Street CEO. I still want to win, I just wanted to win with heart.”