4. Stay Away From Any Thoughts of Failure


Never accept any instinct to fail. There is no hope for you when you miss the last bus. Do not listen to the negative voice in your head. As they say in Texas, “Don’t worry about how much milk you spill as long as you still have the cow.” I’ve always believed that failing at something, i.e., “I didn’t get the order” or “I could have worked smarter on that project” is just that; YOU FAILED but will become successful on the next go around. Selling is a science. Selling yourself is an art.


You are not a failure. However, if you believe you are a failure, even before you begin your project, then you become predictable and no one will want to be around you nor listen to you. Although the 16th President of the Unites States, Abraham Lincoln, started out as a miserable failure, but went on to become one of the most talked about, respected and successful Presidents ever. Remember the ole saying I’ll believe it when I see it. Dr. Wayne Dyer turned that around; “You’ll see it when you believe it.”

Connecting at the Heart Level

Upon graduating from the most prestigious broadcast school in America, the Detroit School of Announcing and Speech, I was told by our professors: “I would never make it in broadcasting so don’t even think of entering the field.” I am now in three Broadcast Hall of Fames. Failure is often a recipe for success. I fully embraced that thought and enjoyed a 45-year career in the broadcast industry. When you come to the podium you are standing on the edge of time. MAKE IT COUNT!