2. Build Sincere relationships Similar to Your Close Relationships


Benjamin Franklin was tactless as a teenager. As he matured into an adult, he turned his life around; so much so, that his contemporaries referred to him as a genius at handling people. Later in life, when Benjamin Franklin was made Ambassador of France, he let everyone know his secret; “I will speak ill of no man or woman and speak all the good I know of everybody.”


When building relationships with others, treat them all as you would treat a close friend. I frequently here this phrase; If one gossips to you they will also gossip about you.Be careful not to criticize or speak ill of your relationships.

Connecting at the heart Level

While building relationships, whether speaking with the President of the United States, interviewing an international celebrity or just someone in your workplace, I always approached building that relationship with one word; TRUST. It was also difficult for me being direct while at the same time being respectful of the relationship. I always wanted to like them but more importantly having them like me. Find out something close to this person’s heart and build on that development. You’ll be surprised how the two of you become one; stranger to friend.