7. Their Physical Stature Has Nothing to Do With Their Heart


Several years ago, I read in a survey that tall people were more appealing in business and in social gatherings. The survey went on to say that despite legitimate competition, in more cases than not, the tall person left with the order. Another observation made was short people are often intimidated by taller people’s height. The survey mentioned how employees were intimidated by individuals who held managerial positions. Even if the executive was short and chubby, if he or she was the Chairman or President of the company, people feared them.


Over the years I have interviewed hundreds of government leaders on the local, state and national levels, including Presidents of the United States.  In addition, I have had conversations with many popular entertainers and sports figures. Regardless of the person, whether it’s President Reagan or Omar Vizquel, shortstop for the Cleveland Indians. I treated them the same.

Connecting at the Heart Level

My experience has been that when you are one-on-one with them and they can sense your care and concern, the door is opened to connect and have them respond in a positive way. You’re able to attach yourself and bond with them and therefore the relationship is tied to a union.