12. Stay Remarkably Happy and Positive


I remained on the air performing my early morning drive-time radio program for over 40 years. The one comment that echoed through my entire career was how do you sound so happy at 5:30 a.m. and stay so positive? Despite the fact I only had a microphone in front of me, I could visualize my audience (450,000) and sense their feelings on the important things that impacted their life. I was connected on an emotional level. Let’s take this journey together and make it fun and exciting. Meaningful relationships meant everything to me.


I was trained early on to listen to people when they spoke. I sincerely paid attention to them speak from their hearts, rather than just a collection of ideas and thoughts. I knew they related more to a smile and kind gestures rather than facial features that spoke of anger and an argumentative posture on everything. I wanted my audience to feel; you have a way about you that says, come closer, let’s get to know each other. Let’s ride this wave together. I wanted to be understood rather than be admired. It’s a choice you make, a desire of your heart to remain happy and positive.

Connecting at the Heart Level

Tell a great story and take your audience with you every step of the way so, they can see and feel what you did. Keep your heart tender.