11. Pursue Practice and Turn it into a Skill


Abraham Lincoln said; “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend five hours sharpening the axe.” There is always the risk of failure if you are not 100% prepared. Even thinking; “I am going to fail” is an unhealthy introspection of what is about to happen. Your internal energy will get the best of you and it becomes a weapon of despair. Practice may be an uncomfortable exercise, but it will take you to a place you feel relaxed in front of your audience. There is a simple cause-and-effect relationship when you practice what you want to accomplish. Practice to move people. If you don’t practice and feel (sure) of being comfortable, your talk will become like a room with no walls and will follow in emptiness. You risk everything without practice.


There is a shining figure within you and it is your goal to let them see and feel it. In their book; PEAK, Anders Ericson and Robert Pool point out, “The Power of Purposeful Practice.” Deliberate practice remains the gold standard for anyone in any field who wishes to take advantage of the gift of adaptability to build new skills and abilities. It’s not about reaching one’s potential but rather a way of developing it. You create your own goal. Without it, you can turn disaster into ruin-quickly. Ask any world renown athlete, pianist, chess player or teacher; they became renown because they practiced at being great and SO CAN YOU!

Connecting at the Heart Level

It’s all about training, from your body, your mind and your heart, to a standing ovation. Self-improvement can be acquired through practice. Master your practice and turn it into a skill. You are not here to be average. You are here to be awesome. Michelangelo’s Teacher, Bethalto told his prized student; “Talent is cheap. Dedication is costly.” Obviously, he became great!