1. How to Win Their Respect


In his book; How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie speaks of a man who had 314 employees. Kindness and words of encouragement were so alien to him that not one person would greet him when he walked through his own establishment. After applying the concepts, he learned from Dale Carnegie’s course, his life was revolutionized. Now his employees are all his friends. Even the janitor calls him by his first name.



We live in a box of limitations. Once we make that decision to leave that box a new awareness is revealed that creates a new dimension to our personality which is to increase your desire and your ability to get people to like you and believe in you. You need to feel important and you also need to make them feel important. Everyone needs to know who you are and more importantly what you are.

Your new world will be fulfilling, and you will experience more success than you ever imagined possible. Silent gratitude isn’t much good to anyone-Gladys Stern.


Connecting at the heart level

I truly believe we live our lives on just trying to make a living, not giving much thought to one of the most precious gifts our maker has bestowed on us, which is to connect to others. That’s why we’re here. The concept of connecting with the knowledge of taking your bad habits and turning them into good habits will enable you to uncover and develop a plan of action that will change your life forever.