• How do you as a communicator want to be remembered?
  • Let me assist you in unlocking your greatest potential on your way to becoming a Masterful and Memorable Communicator.
  • In the end, we take a victory lap together.



“It is not enough to know what to say, one must know how to say it.” -Aristotle. Public speaking is an art and you need to be dynamic and remembered. Always leave your audience wanting more. Remember, you were asked to speak so to:

  1. Connect
  2. Persuade
  3. Educate
  4. Motivate
  5. Encourage


I have acted as Master of Ceremonies to small groups of 20 or less to audiences of 450,000. I was honored and became known as the President’s Man when asked to introduce, President’s; Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton when they came to my city. And some of the most popular figures in America, i.e., entertainers, sports figures, business moguls and movie stars.

About Larry Morrow

Master Communicator & Teacher of Leadership Communications

Having the ability to be a Masterful and Remembered Communicator is not something you read out of a book. It is something you experience in your life. It’s an expression of passion in your life.

  • It’s not what you say. It’s how you heard.
  • People not only hear what you say but feel what you say.
  • What comes out of your mouth is the reality of what’s in your heart.


Zig Ziglar
I spent some precious time with Internationally known motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. We spoke of connecting relationships at the heart level which meant everything to me.
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To extol the virtues of his community, Larry still makes over 100 appearances a year, most of which are for charity.




Some of Cleveland’s most respected businessmen stated the following regarding Larry’s credentials and capabilities:

“As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow you can depend on Larry Morrow’s credibility. When Pericles (379BC) was asked, who was the greatest orator of his time he said, it isn’t me. When he spoke there was no applause, they all got up and followed him. That’s Larry Morrow.”

Sam Miller

Forest City Enterprises


“Larry Morrow’s keen ability to teach and guide leaders in both their personal and professional development has been a tremendous resource to our hospital organizations. His experience, talent and passion for grooming leaders is evident by the people he has impacted and the results that have been achieved. Larry clearly understands that an organization’s culture and success is defined by its leaders.”

Jeffrey Leimgruber FACHE

President, Fairview and Hillcrest Hospitals (Ret.)
Cleveland Clinic Health System

Larry Morrow’s “Larry From the Heart” Podcast

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A weekly faith-based message designed to build your faith and give you hope.
How do you become the most beloved broadcaster in Cleveland history? You connect with the listeners and the city. You discover what makes our city incredible and you find a way to bring people together in the best of times and the worst of times.

Imagine hosting a radio talk show drawing guests like New York City’s legendary radio personality Bruce Morrow, Salem Broadcasting syndicated host Hugh Hewitt, the Rock Hall’s CEO Greg Harris, and Hollywood actor Robert Davi. Couple that with a host of television personalities everyone knows in Northeast Ohio, including former anchors Tim Taylor and Romona Robinson. “Larry Morrow’s Take 2” was designed to be an inspiring conversation with the people connected to the spirit of Cleveland. You see, Larry is one of the best conversationalists in the business. Back in the 60’s as a Top-40 jock, Larry knew how to connect with his audience, well beyond playing the hits. A natural communicator, a friend of so many radio listeners, the respect of his broadcast contemporaries and the savvy of understanding the elements of true broadcast communications. He did it one listener at a time. And Cleveland was listening.

Larry Morrow was the first radio personality in Ohio nominated for induction in the prestigious National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago. His nominator at the black-tie affair was the late legendary radio personality Casey Kasem. Serving as Moses Cleveland and designated “Mr. Cleveland” by mayoral proclamation, Larry was voted the most popular broadcast personality in radio and television early in his career in Cleveland. No one has devoted more energy and support for Cleveland. Even during his stint as a radio personality on Sirius XM Satellite Radio broadcasting from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Larry extolled the virtues of life in Cleveland coast to-coast. Introducing four Presidents of the United States and emceeing major Cleveland events including the opening of Browns Stadium or the Cleveland Orchestra at Public Square, Larry continues to chair or receive honors at significant Cleveland-area events. Over the past several years chairing Ursuline College’s Human Rights Scholarship, emceeing the 2018 National Civil Rights Summit at The City Club of Cleveland, the Prayer Breakfast at the IX Center for several decades and now teaching leadership and communications at John Carroll University’s Boler College of Business. At 84, Larry Morrow is still at it. Larry loves Cleveland, and Cleveland loves him back.

NBC’s Al Roker was right when he called Larry “a radio legend.” The late Les Levine called him “radio royalty.” A genuinely non-partisan, non-political Cleveland cheerleader, the only time Larry almost got in trouble is when his father, a staunch Democrat, learned Larry had been chosen to introduce President Ronald Reagan. His response: “If you introduce that man, you are never allowed back in this house.” Well, Larry introduced the President anyway. Dad eventually forgave him.

Larry From the Heart is now a Podcast, delivered globally on Podcast platforms including Spotify, Google, and Amazon. His weekly faith-based message was crafted to give listeners an early shot of sunshine in our crowded and chaotic world. 60 seconds of inspiration delivered by one of America’s favorite radio broadcasters. Enjoy it and share it.


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A hall-of-fame radio celebrity shares favorite stories about memorable people and events from four decades. Morrow’s upbeat, friendly style won him lifetime fans. An outspoken civic booster, he was dubbed “Mr. Cleveland” by former mayor George Voinovich. Morrow’s credo: “Do all the good you can, to everyone you can, every time you can.”

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