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Training Leaders

One of my biggest thrills in life is sitting one-on-one with dynamic leaders. They look the part, are successful and demand respect. What sets them apart is their willingness to break new ground through communication practices.

I have spent precious hours with them reflecting on the qualities that make them leaders. They talk intimately about their families, their fields of business, healthcare, sports and politics. We have shared the stage, sat together in convention halls and walked together on the golf course. What has impressed me the most about these leaders is, for the most part, they are all the same. They speak lovingly about their relationship with their God, their spouse and their children. They seek and achieve their goals and are driven by a life long pursuit of happiness and success. They also care about the people around them. Even though their views and ideas may not be compatible with others around them, they are willing to listen. It not only makes for a better you but a better them.

The most important part about my relationship with them is they are open to change and willing to learn. They push their strengths and work on their weaknesses. They are looking for new ways to share their ideas. Their pursuit is an evolving process for continual, personal improvement.

The end result is:

You look like a leader

You speak like a leader

You act like a leader


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"Larry was instrumental in launching Merlin's products. His reputation and believability drew attention to our brand which, in turn, brought instant awareness and success. We retained Larry Morrow because of his character, integrity and mass appeal. Everyone knows and recognizes Larry's voice."

Jerry Murphy
JTM Enterprises
Former CEO of Murphy's Oil Soap

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