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About Scott J. Allen

  Scott J. Allen, Ph.D.
  Scott J. Allen, Ph.D.

Scott J. Allen, Ph.D., is associate professor of management at John Carroll University where he teaches courses in leadership, management skills, and executive communication. In 2008, he was voted the favorite teacher and in 2014 he was awarded the Wasmer Outstanding Teaching Award for his work in the classroom.

Scott served as a Mulwick Scholar in the Boler School of Business and his primary stream of research focuses on leadership development. Scott has published more than 45 book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles. He is the co-author of The Little Book of Leadership Development: 50 Ways to Bring Out the Leader in Every Employee and A Charge Nurse's Guide: Navigating the Path of Leadership. Scott is also a co-author of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for College Students (Jossey-Bass). His most recent project is a leadership textbook for Sage – Leadership by Design (2019).

In addition to writing and speaking, Scott consults, facilitates workshops, and leads retreats across industries. Scott is the chair and co-founder of the Collegiate Leadership Competition and has served on the board of the International Leadership Association, Association of Leadership Educators, OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators, and Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.

He resides in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with his wife, Jessica, and three children - Will, Kate & Emily.


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