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Masterful Communicator and Teacher of Leadership Communications

Be distinctive. Make your company great.

Having the ability to effectively communicate within your organization is not something you read out of a book. Effective communication is:

  • Something you experience in your life
  • A desire to have those around you become the product of your leadership
  • A passion of your life as opposed to just an academic exercise

You'll find that when you engage those around you with the vision and the mission of your company, they will not only become more enthusiastic about their work but be fiercely loyal to you. I have found that this kind of loyalty positively affects employee and organizational performance.

So what makes you rare and distinctive, ultimately makes your company unique.

Leadership - Communication - Relationships
Nothing more • Nothing less • Nothing else

Before You Speak:

“It’s not what you say; it’s how you are heard.”

“People not only have to hear what you say, but feel what you say.”

“What comes out of your mouth is the reality of what’s in your heart.”


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Mission Statement

Maximizing your potential through leadership development and effective communication.

"Larry Morrow's keen ability to teach and guide leaders in both their personal and professional development has been a tremendous resource to our hospital organizations.  His experience, talent and passion for grooming leaders is evident by the people he has impacted and the results that have been achieved.  Larry clearly understands that an organization's culture and success is defined by its leaders."

Jeffrey Leimgruber - President
Hillcrest Hospital
Cleveland Clinic

"As a teacher, Larry's wisdom, integrity and indefatigable spirit is shared with his students – regardless of their role, education, or background. He is an educator for all seasons."

Janice G. Murphy
President & CEO
Fairview Hospital

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